ARGO Projects, 1990-1999

ARGO provided transmission services in 1999 for the American College of Cardiology of fourteen cardiac procedures from six domestic and two international locations, allowing a large audience in New Orleans to witness and comment.
Blessing '97 & '98
ARGO provided the transmission network for these world-wide wedding ceremonies for the Unification Church.
Unification Blessing '97 logo
1997 Hong Kong Handover Ceremonies
ARGO served as satellite coordinator for the host broadcaster covering the ceremonies marking the return of Hong Kong from British to Chinese rule.
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Hong Kong at night
1996 Paralympic Games: Atlanta
The ARGO Broadcast Center served as the official IBC for rights-holding broadcasters from the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim.
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1996 Paralympic Games staff photo
1996 Summer Olympic Games: Atlanta
The ARGO Broadcast Center provided editing, playback, live shots, transmission and production facilities for non-rightsholding broadcasters covering the Summer Olympic Games.
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1996 Summer Olympics
1994 World Cup Championship: USA
ARGO worked for host broadcaster ESI to design, set up and operate satellite and fiber network for coverage of the soccer championship at nine locations within the U.S.
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1994 World Cup photo
American College of Cardiology
ARGO assists this organization in the operation of distant learning programs for cardiologists all over North America.
American College of Cardiology logo
1993 50th Anniversary of Yamamoto Assassination
William Papa developed a program for the Discovery Channel, detailing the assassination of Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto. It was the most daring fighter interception of World War Two. Interviewed all but one of the surviving members of the mission.
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Isoroku Yamamoto
1992 Summer Olympic Games: Barcelona
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1992 Summer Olympics: Barcelona
1990 Seattle Goodwill Games
Seattle Goodwill Games logo

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